Banff and Jasper National Parks, Canada - 19 Images

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Angel Glacier

Mt Victoria South (ice fall)

Mt Victoria South, Jasper

Athabaska Glacier

Angel Glacier, Summer 2005

Cavell Glacier Icebergs, Summer 2005

Talus flowing over a lateral moraine (Valley of Six Glaciers)

Lake Louise

Super Gnarly Ice and Snow

Receding Athabaska Glacier, Summer 2005

 Plain of Six Glaciers under dog

Glacial Scour at Toe of Athabaska Glacier

Ice berg, Cavell Pond, Jasper

Electric Bear Fence, Jasper National Park

 Cavell Glacier, Jasper National Park

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From Nigel Pass

Cavell Pond and Glacier, Jasper

Athabaska Glacier Toe